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She Said Poptarts

I feel like the Tolkien fandom is safer to be in than it is with hockey, and TV shows. There’s a lot of ship wars, and playoffs fights and “bandwagoning” shit.

I picked a safe zone.


how on earth can you even call someone who’s an oilers fan a bandwagon oilers fan

they haven’t made the playoffs in 8 years

what are you even saying


isn’t everyone a “bandwagon fan” though?? like there was a reason you started watching hockey or following a team, right? maybe it was because you caught a playoff game on tv, maybe because your friend showed you them or maybe you thought someone on the ice was attractive…maybe it was 5 years ago, maybe it was yesterday..if any one of us is a “bandwagon fan” then aren’t we all?

Yeah, no. I’d say that the fans who grew into their teams aren’t band wagoners, so… ?? Take them out of “everyone”.

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Smytty Day [09/??]
↳ last NHL game of Ryan Smyth’s career has just ended with a win.

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